Welcome to Dolden Mädel


Welcome to Dolden Mädel

Our Deli is bursting with breakfast creativity, serving rich à la carte breakfast in international variations up until 2 p.m. Choose from a variety of culinary snacks, healthy smoothies, handmade bread, and exquisite types of tea and coffee. Lean back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our spacious dining room, the light-flooded conservatory, the stylish lobby restaurant, or the outdoor area.

Due to our green gastronomy policy, all ingredients are organically cultivated, regionally grown, and sustainably processed. So, feel free to try our colorful breakfast variations as well as our cakes without any concerns!

The Deli impresses with a combination of successful cuisine and its cozy atmosphere. Our guests love to meet here for an extensive brunch and to spend some quality time with friends. The venue offers an unpretentious style without being monotone, inviting you with its open character.

Having started your day at the Deli, our Dolden Mädel Deli is the perfect location for rounding your day off. How about a culinary trip to our various wines and craft beers? Our menu boasts the very best of the island‘s cuisine, combining selected ingredients with natural flavors. Creative, tasty, and modern – that’s our recipe for Dolden Mädel Deli’s success!


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